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Our Values

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Cumberland Trail Joint Fire District #4 is to provide the highest level of public safety services to all citizens through preservation of life and property. We will promote public safety through the education of our citizens and staff, while using quality people and equipment to foster community relationships that will allow us to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Vision Statement:

We, the Cumberland Trail Joint Fire District #4, will strive to be role models in our community and leaders in our vocation. We will provide quality services by investing in training, education, staffing, and state of the art technology. We are dedicated professionals and will continue to present quality care and protection to all we serve while maintaining and pursuing a progressive future.

Core Values:Our Values

Integrity: Committed to honest and ethical behavior while holding ourselves accountable to our values.

Innovation: Committed to seeking out and implementing innovation and progressive thinking to address change effectively and efficiently to benefit those we serve during the duration of our mission due to the constancy of change in our community and the demographics that affect us daily.

Community Service and Involvement: Fulfilling our responsibility and deepening our involvement in the community we serve by being obligated and involved in our community beyond our call to duty. Having dedication in not allowing a request or inquiry to go unanswered.

Health and Safety: Ensuring that we are devoted to providing the best health and safety programs for our member’s well-being and operational readiness so that we are essential in fulfilling our mission.

Teamwork and Leadership: Well functioning teams are more effective than individuals working separately. We believe that all individuals have the capacity to lead, and this organization values leadership.