Cumberland Trail Fire Earns National Recognition

Cumberland Trail Fire Earns National Recognition

It’s the EMS personnel in the back of the ambulance who can first recognize a patient suffering a specific type of heart attack, and secondly notify Wheeling Hospital in a handoff that triggers immediate care.

Every second counts.

It’s a motto the Cumberland Trail Fire District knows all too well.

The district is now nationally recognized for its dedication to providing higher level care to those suffering from the most severe type of heart attack, what’s known as a “STEMI” ( a full-blown heart attack caused by the complete blockage of a heart artery).

“My congratulations, most importantly, to the crew I see these guys almost every day,” said Dr. Robert Fanning from Wheeling Hospital. “I see the dedication that they put in. I hear stories about how when they’re done with their shift here, they go volunteer someplace else. This is the dedication that I hope doesn’t go unrecognized.”

The district is in constant communication with Wheeling Hospital.

It’s a partnership that earned Cumberland Trail the American Heart Association’s 2016 mission: Lifeline EMS bronze award for exceeding the standards of care for severe heart attack in 2015.

“It’s our people, and recognizing the dedication they give to the patients and recognizing the STEMI patient or a patient having a heart attack and communicating to the hospital,” said Cumberland Trail Fire Chief Lance Rice.

“We would like to thank Wheeling Hospital for their assistance throughout the application process and we hope we able to maintain these standards throughout the coming years,” said Lt. Chad Zambori from the Cumberland Trail Fire District.

“I congratulate the department, I congratulate the community and leaders of this community who foresaw the needs and made it happen.”

Most of the departments in Ohio to receive this honor surround metropolitan areas.

Further proof the Ohio Valley is taking care of its own.

By Kate Davison: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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